The Services We Provide

Regardless of the outcome, a criminal charge can be a life changing event, impacting career and family. We understand how important it is for clients to understand the legal process in order to reduce anxiety and plan ahead.

Beginning with our first client meeting we explain the charge, what the Commonwealth Attorney must prove, and the steps of the judicial process. Upon retaining our services we investigate the case, gather discovery materials and interview witnesses. If a favorable outcome can be obtained through negotiations, we pursue it. If not, we have the demonstrated experience and willingness to take a case, of any level of complexity, to trial.

Specialty Areas

With well over a decade of experience in criminal defense across multiple jurisdictions we have developed expertise in a range of criminal matters. We have jury trial experience in each category listed below:

Additionally, when clients did not believe it was in his or her best interest to take the case to trial, we have negotiated favorable plea agreements for nearly all types of criminal charges, including Internet crimes, such as solicitation of a minor and possession of child pornography.

There is simply no charge for which we won't vigorously defend our client's right to a fair trial. As defense attorneys, we are the protectors of the Constitution and we hold the government accountable to the laws, just as they seek to hold us accountable.

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